You have just given birth, and your baby takes up most of your time and you are wondering where you will get the energy and tips to look after your new born and yourself.

This course is designed for women who have delivered a baby recently or have toddlers under the age of 6 months. Learn how to look after your physical and mental health after giving birth and learn how to cope during the postpartum period. It would benefit to join the course while you are pregnant as you will get more time to think and prepare.

Days Plan of Course

Day 1: Introduction
  • Introduction of myself and all the students.

  • Course discussion and just a brief talk on general things that women face after childbirth and with their baby Eg. Common causes would be overwhelmed pain with surgery and stitches, backache, constipation, piles, breastfeeding, cracked nipples, lack of sleep, low energy, colic baby, and infant sleep problems

  • What have they been doing if they are facing any of the problems above. (Open discussion)
Day 2: Aromatherapy
  • Brief explanation of aromatherapy and discussion about basic essential oils.

  • Aromatherapy essential oils to use for: baby blues, lactation, cracked nipples, relaxation for you and your baby, a post delivery massage, sluggish digestion for you and your baby, sleep problems, and to heal any wounds.
  • Different ways to use aromatherapy oils for: a baby massage, baby bath, the perk you up without caffeine, and a restful sleep.
Day 3: Reflexology
  • What is reflexology, how it works and benefits.
  • Where to work for self help and for your baby and a demonstration of reflexology for self help on your hands and the baby’s feet.

  • Discussion on the benefits of reflexology for: lactation, inducing relaxation, detoxing the body, balancing hormones after giving birth, digestion, easing any aches and pains, and recharging and re-energising you.
  • How to work on your baby’s feet to provide a good sleep, calm down, and to boost their appetite, improve on a sluggish digestive system, and to build their immune system.
Day 4: Nutrition
  • A good healthy balanced diet plays a very important part in our health and wellbeing.
  • Foods that would help to boost vitamins and minerals, to keep free from aches, pains and inflammation.
  • Foods that would help to boost your milk supply, aid digestion for you and your baby, to delay the menstrual cycle, to combat mood swings, mild depression and to produce happy hormones.
  • We will share few recipes too.

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Simple tips on relaxation will also be discussed.

And at the end of the course, I’ll email remedies and recipes for keeping you and your baby healthy and energetic!